Data Center Services

Smart Hands, Data Center Migration, Data Center Builds & Installations, Network Operations Center and more.
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Data Center Services

Smart Hands, Data Center Migration, Data Center Builds & Installations, Network Operations Center and more.
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Data Center & Colocation Services You Need

We provide professional data center services across the board to give you the freedom to build
and expand your core business using the Iron Mountain Data Centers platform.

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Smart Hands

What is Smart Hands?

Smart hands services help with rack and stack, hardware reboots, cabling, lock resets, and other projects. We offer a full portfolio of services at every Iron Mountain Data Center, covering hardware, power and connectivity as well as general hands-on maintenance tasks. You can expect a response in minutes, not hours.

The service is billable either by the hour or on a recurring discounted basis. Make data center management convenient, fast and effective with smart hands data center support. Our team is highly skilled, on-site, and on-call 24x7x365.

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Data Center Migration

What is a data center migration?

Moving or consolidating data center infrastructure is always challenging. Data center migrations require end-to-end solutions covering analysis, risk assessment, planning, design, execution and testing to ensure your data center move takes place in time and within budget, with no risk to your data center. When you take it on in-house, resources and skills tend to be scarce and budgets and timeframes have been known to overrun. This is why Iron Mountain Data Centers offers a stress-free migration solution.
To make sure there are no misunderstandings, you work with a clear work statement and methodology and have a single point of contact for data center support.

Migration requires in depth coordination, and our team includes project managers, structured cabling personnel, specialized movers and network and systems engineers to help your staff get routers, SANs, and servers back on-line. We work with specialized partners who know their business inside-out.
Our dedicated team will provide all the knowhow needed, whatever the task - data center operations, network planning, current state analysis, rack and electrical load design, logistics planning and execution, and data and equipment testing.

We take you through every step that is required to make your migration a success, from building the business case to agreeing and implementing testing procedures prior to the final cutover. As a digital business, your data and online processes are too valuable to risk.

Data Center Installation & Builds

How are data center builds and installs done?

Across all our global markets, we are experts in site selection, design and construction, government and regulator liaison and power and network connectivity strategy.

Customer requirements vary and so do our data center solutions. Colocation customers often want a standard product offering in an existing facility for cost-efficiency and speed. Larger customers often have specific engineering requirements, and are keen to be actively involved in the design process. We are always ready to consult, and we build for a known cost and to a uniform timeline.

Sustainable data center design and installation are non-negotiable as we believe that environmental benefits are a by-product of a rigorous business, build and operation strategy.

Our approach to sustainability extends way beyond renewables. We use the latest techniques and engineering infrastructure to provide efficient power and cooling to our data halls. We consider the recyclable content of materials, minimizing waste to landfill and often recycling waste heat.

Installations are the next step in this process. We partner with our customers to ensure they are deploying the most efficient server technology, where one rack can replace six older versions. We are always on hand to advise on hardware and operational efficiencies.

Let us help you get your infrastructure and data center equipment in place faster.


Global Network Operations Center (GNOC), Portal & Support

What is a network operations center (NOC)?

Our geographically diverse Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) is your central point for customer communication and customer advocacy. The GNOC monitors the ticketing platform and fully enabled customer portal allowing customers to manage their IMDC engagement, manage their services, manage their infrastructure and request additional contract information. Our data center portal puts you in charge, wherever you are. All you need to do is log on securely to manage your infrastructure anywhere in the world.
Need something checked or changed? Open up a case ticket through our portal which allows you to do everything from booking Smart Hands services or ordering a new Cross Connect to rebooting or retiring equipment or obtaining virtual and physical access reports.

Need more detail? Inquire about a Power or Cooling Audit, check your latest Access Logs or request a Bandwidth Usage Report.

Looking for expertise? We will put you in touch with someone on the team who can help. Or you can head to our IMDC Global Network Operations Knowledge Base and read our library of articles and FAQs or watch how-to videos via the portal.

We pride ourselves on running the most comprehensive and responsive data center support systems in the business. If you want us to do more, just tell us and we will.

Our Colocation Data Centers



Our hyperscale data centers provide the uptime and operational efficiency that is critical for hyperscale deployments, with exceptional speed to market, scaling and sustainability.
Enterprise Data Centers IMDC


Turn CapEx into OpEx, enjoy world-class security and operational efficiency, and scale as you go, while plugging into the carriers, service providers and partners you need to speed up your digital transformation.
Interconnection Data Centers


With literally hundreds of partners to choose from, our hyper-connected interconnection data centers deliver dynamic and accessible sector-specific, cloud, network and IT service ecosystems.
Edge Data Centers


With thousands of secure locations worldwide we are uniquely positioned to bring strategic edge facilities to market to meet your needs, from Denver to Boston or from London to Singapore.
Underground Data Centers


Our underground data centers offer natural energy efficiency, reduced risk of natural and man-made disasters, practically unlimited floor-load weight capacity and more layers of physical security.

Customer Data Center Solutions & Stories


“A critically important aspect of our business case was finding a partner who not only met our renewable energy requirements but also understood what we were trying to do and could help us to achieve our goals. With Iron Mountain, we found a partner who could do all that — in ways that gave us a competitive advantage.”

- Mike Mattera, Director of Sustainability

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CBS Interactive

"From a network perspective, Iron Mountain is a carrier-neutral facility. This allows us the flexibility to improve our overall spend and service by expanding our carrier choices. This flexibility has made a pretty dramatic impact to our total infrastructure costs."

- Stephen Comstock, Senior Director, IT Operations

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Fender logo

“We looked at a dozen data center providers on the East and West coasts, and none of them could match what Iron Mountain had.”

 - Jason Bredimus, VP of IT Infrastructure

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Meritage Homes

“We were looking for a provider that was focused on providing enterprise-grade data center space, power and network access—Iron Mountain had it all.”

– Chris Filandro, CIO

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Our Colocation Data Center Offerings

Wholesale Data Centers

Wholesale Data Centers

Choose from hyperscale-ready build-to-suit, dedicated data halls, or MODs for dedicated wholesale requirements. These dedicated spaces are devoted to your deployment.
Build-to-Suit Data Centers

Build-to-Suit Data Centers

With our build-to-suit data centers, you can design and customize a data center solution to meet your specific needs, without the expense of building your own data center. Minimum requirements must be met.
Modular Data Centers

Modular Data Centers (MODs)

Our modular data centers are efficient, high density, rapidly scalable and provide an additional layer of physical security. MODs are available in strategic markets only, providing higher performance and lower latency.
Private Data Center Suites

Data Center Suites

Private data center suites offer the privacy of a dedicated data center without the pressure of top-level financial commitments. Private suites are flexible and easily modified to your specs.
Secure Data Center Cages

Data Center Cages

If you need data center capacity for six+ cabinets (30+ kilowatts) with more flexibility and privacy than a standard locking cabinet, our rigid metal data center cages may be right for you.
Data Center Racks

Colocation Cabinets

Available at most Iron Mountain colocation facilities, data center cabinets/data center racks are rapidly deployed, offering scalability, reliability and flexible power options to grow your business.
Server Colocation

Server Colocation

For smaller data center requirements, you can still benefit from our colocation facilities. If power and space requirements are met, our server colocation solutions may be right for you. If not, we can refer you to an approved and vetted vendor within our marketplace for your colocation needs.

Secure Data Center Compliance Across the Globe

Iron Mountain is an industry leader in global data center compliance and trusted by some of the world's most regulated organizations. Our customers receive the same level of service at each of our global data centers, leveraging our comprehensive compliance support to reduce data center risk, including HIPAA, FISMA High, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, SOC2/3, and more.

Data Center Compliance
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View the Iron Mountain DMCA here

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