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Securing a Sustainable Future


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Our Path to a Resilient and Responsive Business.

At Iron Mountain, we strive to be our customers’ most trusted partner for protecting and unlocking the value of what matters most to them in innovative and socially responsible ways.

We focus our efforts on what matters most—safeguarding customer trust, empowering our people, strengthening our communities, and protecting our planet—ensuring we do business with integrity and in a way that creates value for all of our stakeholders.

Together, we challenge ourselves and inspire others to create innovative business solutions that make a positive environmental and social impact— working to secure a sustainable future.

2022 Sustainability Report

We are committed to transparent reporting on corporate responsibility efforts in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Report Initiative (GRI). Our Sustainability Report outlines our commitments and progress against key measures of success for our efforts in the community, our environment, and for our people.
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Industry experts from across the sustainability supply chain recently got together to collaborate on how we are all working together to transform our future by greening the grid. Hear from CEBA, Cleartrace, Google, Microsoft, Iron Mountain Data Centers, NRG and RPD Energy in this mini-documentary.

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Safeguarding Customer Trust

Iron Mountain provides customers with innovative solutions that bring them closer to achieving their purpose and ESG aspirations. We believe that innovation and integrity pave the path to long-term, sustainable success. We build trusted relationships with stakeholders based on this philosophy. Our approach is underpinned by the conviction that ethics and good governance matter to our future success.

Protecting Our Planet

We embrace our responsibility to contribute to the fight for a net zero future for our planet. We seek opportunities to improve environmental performance within our operations and enable our customers to manage information while meeting their environmental goals. And we partner with our suppliers to unlock opportunities to protect our planet, together.

Empowering our People

At Iron Mountain, we foster a culture of collaboration, courage, and customer obsession that all Iron Mountain employees live by.

We work together to create a workplace where employees’ authentic selves are welcomed, accepted, and included. When we fuel innovation through diverse ideas, backgrounds and perspectives, our people thrive, our customers benefit, and our business succeeds.

Strengthening our Communities

Our impact extends beyond the walls of our facilities. We contribute positively to the communities in which we operate by leveraging the unique capabilities of our business. We go beyond philanthropy to conduct business in a way that ensures a prosperous future for communities.

Our Commitments

Corporate Responsibility Report image

Sustainability Report

We are committed to transparent reporting on corporate responsibility efforts in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Report Initiative (GRI).

United Nations Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGG), Iron Mountain is committed to pursuing policies, strategies and procedures, as well creating a culture of integrity that supports all ten principles.

Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

We are committed to protecting, upholding, and advancing respect for human rights throughout our operations.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Iron Mountain believes that doing business with integrity is the only way to do business. We are committed to our uncompromising ethical standards and to setting best practices for our industry.

Global Environmental Policy - Snowy mountain peaks

Global Environmental Policy

Iron Mountain focuses our environmental sustainability efforts on the concrete steps the company can take to minimize the impact our operations have on the environment.
TCFD Report - sunrise field

TCFD Report

Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) voluntary disclosure framework.

Supplier Code of Ethics - Iron Mountain employee

Supplier Code of Conduct

Iron Mountain’s Supplier Code of Conduct (which supplements our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct) sets forth the principles, standards, and practices required for doing business with Iron Mountain. All contractors are required to abide by the code.

OHS Policy Statement - Iron Mountain warehouse workers

OHS Policy Statement

Iron Mountain has developed a global safety framework that consists of specific health and safety related tasks that support Iron Mountain's aspiration of being an incident free workplace.
Iron Mountain Flexible Workplace Statement

Flexible Workplace Statement

We are committed to providing the best employee experience. This includes Iron Mountain’s Flexible Workplace Model.

UK Modern Slavery Act - Big Ben Parliament London

UK Modern Slavery Act

Iron Mountain’s business and core values are premised on compliance and acting with integrity. We take adherence to laws seriously and remain committed to the eradication of slavery, human trafficking, and the abuse of human rights across the globe.


Australian Modern Statement

Iron Mountain’s business values are premised on acting ethically, with transparency, honesty and integrity. These values are at the forefront of our operations.

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