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Adapting to a changing world:

Business as usual is no longer an option…especially for public sector entities.

Today’s environment is ever-changing and is causing significant disruption to federal, state, and local government agencies and educational institutions. Already faced with growing volumes of data in a variety of formats – both physical and digital – public sector organizations now have to make sure they can access that information at any time, from anywhere, all while ensuring security and privacy.

Digital transformation will provide better access to information and significantly improve citizen services, but will require the public sector to consider the entire information lifecycle to be successful. All information has a lifecycle: it’s created, used, stored and accessed, and lastly, either destroyed or moved to an archive. Whether you represent a federal civilian or Department of Defense agency; state, local, or county government; higher education or K-12 institution, you need to maintain a strong information management lifecycle approach. Iron Mountain is here to help.

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Federal Government

For more than 60 years, we have provided government agencies information management solutions to help lower the costs, risks, and inefficiencies of managing their most valuable data and information assets.
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State & Local Government

As you look to optimize or modernize your existing IT infrastructure, or navigate the complexities of a hybrid physical and digital world, Iron Mountain can help to create a digital transformation strategy and assist with strategically managing the increased volumes of information throughout its entire lifecycle.
The Student Life

K-12 & Higher Education

Educational institutions need to consider the full scope of their information lifecycle management. An effective information lifecycle management program greatly enhances the learning and administration environment, while mitigating security, privacy, and compliance risks.

Our Approach: The Iron Mountain Difference

For more than 60 years, Iron Mountain has made it our mission to understand the unique challenges and requirements of the public sector. We have developed proven solutions to help manage the entire information lifecycle, from the creation of a record to its disposition. Our full suite of records and information management solutions improve asset management, reduce physical footprints, decrease costs, and streamline operations, while greatly enhancing citizen and student services, and mitigating security and privacy risks.

Enhance Value, Decrease Costs, Reduce Risks

Establishing a strategy that supports the lifecycle of your information and assets enables better access to that information and allows your organization to deliver superior value. Iron Mountain enables you to adopt an enterprise-wide, policy-driven approach to managing your information and assets, so that you can:

  • Optimize capacity, reduce redundancy and complexity, as well as save time and resources.
  • Improve security and compliance, better enable discovery management, and support enterprise-wide information governance.
  • Increase efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and insights into important business metrics by working in a more digital manner and automating workflow processes.

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Our Customer Support section can help provide you with the quickest answers to your questions, or feel free to contact us at your convenience.