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Protect what matters most with the most trusted colocation provider.
Colocation Cabinets

Colocation Data Centers

Protect what matters most with the most trusted colocation provider.
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Colocation You Can Trust

Iron Mountain Data Centers is one of the world’s fastest-growing global colocation providers, helping thousands of customers with their digital transformation. Our robust and growing partner and connectivity ecosystems, uncompromising standards and service levels, and sustainable design and operations make us the data center colocation provider of choice for many of the world’s leading digital businesses.

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What is Colocation?

Colocation is the renting of space and power for a business’ IT infrastructure. A colocation data center is ideal for digital transformation and provides businesses the tools to achieve Hybrid IT success, including cloud access, network services, compliance, security, remote support and more.

Cross Connects - Network cables

Our Data Centers

Iron Mountain has been the world leader in secure storage solutions for decades. Our data centers offer the same levels of security, flexibility and customer service for your digital infrastructure. We specialize in building the space and infrastructure to protect your most valuable assets while supporting your digital business needs.

Whether you want an ultra-secure underground facility, a custom hyperscale or edge location, or an enterprise-ready data center, we can provide you with a tailored and fully-serviced colocation package.

NA Locations

EMEA Locations

APAC Locations

Colocation Services

We provide a full range of certified monitoring, migration and engineering services at all of our facilities worldwide. If you need detailed NOC reporting, a user-friendly customer portal, or full-scale builds and migrations, we can provide a one-off, ongoing or global solution.


Trusted by some of the world’s most highly-regulated organizations, Iron Mountain is an industry leader in compliance. Reduce data center risk with our comprehensive compliance support including HIPAA, FISMA High, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and SOC 2/3.


We are the trusted guardian for more than 230,000 customers including 95% of the Fortune 1000. Both aboveground and underground, our highly secure data centers have enhanced physical and digital security layers rivaled by few.


At every Iron Mountain data center, we offer a full portfolio of remote smart hands services, covering rack and stack services, builds and installs, hardware, power and connectivity as well as general hands-on maintenance tasks.


Our Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) is your central point for customer communication and advocacy. Leverage our data center portal for ticketing, power & cooling audits, access logs, bandwidth reports and more.


With Iron Mountain’s carrier-neutral networking and data center interconnect services, we’ll get you where you need to be. We offer a wide range of services including cross connects, virtual cross connects, direct internet access, metro waves, peering and internet exchanges as well as Cloud On-Ramp.


We are firm in our commitment to renewable energy and sustainable data centers. Our facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy, and our customers can take credit for the green energy that Iron Mountain buys on their own sustainability reporting with Green Power Pass.

Network Connectivity

Our network services range from physical & virtual cross connects, IP transit and Cloud On-Ramp to metro wave, peering and interconnection ecosystems.

Explore our network services and our global data center ecosystem, as we can provide ongoing global or regional solutions to help build your business anywhere in the world.

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Customer Solutions

Whether you are building a cloud, rolling out new network services, or shifting brick and mortar transactions online, we have a world-class infrastructure solution for you.

We know that every customer has a different set of needs and ambitions, which is why we try to cover as many bases as possible in advance, offering the space, services, locations, standards and ecosystems you need to compete.

Our Colocation Data Center Offerings

Wholesale Data Centers

Wholesale Data Centers

Choose from hyperscale-ready build-to-suit, dedicated data halls, or MODs for dedicated wholesale requirements. These dedicated spaces are devoted to your deployment.
Build-to-Suit Data Centers

Build-to-Suit Data Centers

With our build-to-suit data centers, you can design and customize a data center solution to meet your specific needs, without the expense of building your own data center. Minimum requirements must be met.
Data Center Modules

Modular Data Centers (MODs)

Our modular data centers are efficient, high density, rapidly scalable and provide an additional layer of physical security. MODs are available in strategic markets only, providing higher performance and lower latency.
Private Data Center Suites

Data Center Suites

Private data center suites offer the privacy of a dedicated data center without the pressure of top-level financial commitments. Private suites are flexible and easily modified to your specs.
Secure Data Center Cages

Data Center Cages

If you need data center capacity for 6+ cabinets (30+ kilowatts) with more flexibility and privacy than a standard locking cabinet, our rigid metal data center cages may be right for you.
Individual Colocation Cabinets

Colocation Cabinets

Available at most Iron Mountain colocation facilities, data center cabinets/data center racks are rapidly deployed, offering scalability, reliability and flexible power options to grow your business.
Server Colocation

Server Colocation

For smaller data center requirements, you can still benefit from our colocation facilities. If power and space requirements are met, our server colocation solutions may be right for you. If not, we can refer you to an approved and vetted vendor within our marketplace for your colocation needs.

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