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Data center solutions to meet your evolving colocation needs.
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Data center solutions to meet your evolving colocation needs.
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From a Data Center Rack to a Hyperscale Data Center

Whether you want an ultra-secure underground data center, a custom hyperscale or edge data center, or an enterprise-ready data center, we can provide the data center solution you need.
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Hyperscale Data Centers

What is a hyperscale data center?

Hyperscale data centers are in a league of their own. They need to be able to support thousands of servers and millions of virtual machines. Data center design must be optimized for storage and speed, with a flexible and agile environment and massive scalability. Connectivity counts for a lot, and so does speed to market. Hyperscale cloud builds have very precise and exacting specifications.

Hyperscale Data Centers
Hyperscale Data Center Floor Plan
Hyperscale Floor Plan Example

The Full Package: Over the years, Iron Mountain Data Centers has become a specialist in providing the flexibility, reliability, security and interconnection that is critical for hyperscale cloud providers.

Cost Efficiency: Our hyperscale data centers support wholesale deployments with 100% renewable energy, consumption-based power pricing, and optimal PUE through geothermal cooling (at select locations) and containment innovations.

Security: Iron Mountain offers some of the world’s most secure data centers and standards. Our multi-layered approach is fully accredited and includes a combination of technical and physical security measures.

Geography: From Europe to Asia to North America, we can bring you closer to your end users.

Enterprise Data Centers

You need guaranteed uptime, compliance enablement and a sustainable colocation solution, with quality service and the ability to scale and interconnect in every direction. Our renewable-powered hyper-connected cloud data center design will accelerate your digital transformation via dynamic and accessible sector-specific, cloud, network, and IT service ecosystems.
World-class compliance: top tier uptime, efficiency and resilience backed up with an industry-leading set of accreditations.

100% renewable-powered data centers worldwide, combined with the award-winning Green Power Pass, make it easy for you to capture carbon credits for your CSR program.

Exceptional and continuously improving efficiency levels using natural cooling and recyclable water wherever possible, with an optimal design PUE.
A full portfolio of professional services that guarantee the security and longevity of your critical infrastructure, accessible online anytime, anywhere.

Cloud and carrier-neutral by design, to give you the power to build your digital world with the networks, clouds, exchanges, service providers and partners you need.

Edge Data Centers

What is an edge data center?

Proximity to the end-user, speed and compute power are critical to your ability to gather IoT data and deliver cloud computing resources and cached content to end-users. Strategically-located edge data centers deliver low-latency reach where you need it most, with flexible connectivity options such as SDN and peering providing instant reach across complete markets.
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Edge Data Center Solutions
Edge Data Center Map

Potential Global Edge Locations

Mitigate Risk Worldwide: Since 1951 we have been protecting data and other valuable assets of 95% of Fortune 1000 companies in or around the edge, with 1500 locations in 700 cities across 50 countries. Our comprehensive compliance support, global reach and knowhow are second to none.

Reduce Overhead Costs: Our data center design reduces energy and OPEX waste. On-site generation, heat recycling, natural cooling solutions and an optimal design PUE, and design flexibility allows you to grow as you go.

Access the Edge: Get closer to your end users with Iron Mountain's strategic edge colocation facilities all over the globe, from Denver to Boston to London and Singapore. We have the strategic edge data center solution that will work for you.

Underground Data Centers

Situated 200+ ft. below the earth’s surface, our underground data centers are some of the most secure facilities in the world. Iron Mountain underground data centers also offer natural energy efficiency.

Why Go Underground? Surrounded by natural limestone, our underground data centers reduce the risk of natural and man-made disaster, offer nearly unlimited floor-load weight capacity and ensure additional physical security.

Energy Efficient: Natural energy efficiency in our underground data centers contributes to low PUE. Year-round ambient temperatures stay as low as 52°F (11°C) meaning the data center doesn’t need to work as hard to keep your infrastructure cool. Our underground lake provides naturally cooled water at WPA-1.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:
Increased security, carrier-neutral access to dark fiber & national providers, and comprehensive compliant support for FISMA High, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and SOC 2 Type II make Iron Mountain underground data centers ideal for backup and disaster recovery data center needs.

Locations: Underground data centers are available at Iron Mountain's Kansas City and Western Pennsylvania data center locations.

Our Colocation Data Center Offerings

Wholesale Data Centers

Wholesale Data Centers

Choose from hyperscale-ready build-to-suit, dedicated data halls, or MODs for dedicated wholesale requirements. These dedicated spaces are devoted to your deployment.
Build-to-Suit Data Centers

Build-to-Suit Data Centers

With our build-to-suit data centers, you can design and customize a data center solution to meet your specific needs, without the expense of building your own data center. Minimum requirements must be met.
Data Center Modules

Modular Data Centers (MODs)

Our modular data centers are efficient, high density, rapidly scalable and provide an additional layer of physical security. MODs are available in strategic markets only, providing higher performance and lower latency.
Private Data Center Suites

Data Center Suites

Private data center suites offer the privacy of a dedicated data center without the pressure of top-level financial commitments. Private suites are flexible and easily modified to your specs.
Secure Data Center Cages

Data Center Cages

If you need data center capacity for 6+ cabinets (30+ kilowatts) with more flexibility and privacy than a standard locking cabinet, our rigid metal data center cages may be right for you.
Individual Colocation Cabinets

Colocation Cabinets

Available at most Iron Mountain colocation facilities, data center cabinets/data center racks are rapidly deployed, offering scalability, reliability and flexible power options to grow your business.
Server Colocation

Server Colocation

For smaller data center requirements, you can still benefit from our colocation facilities. If power and space requirements are met, our server colocation solutions may be right for you. If not, we can refer you to an approved and vetted vendor within our marketplace for your colocation needs.

Customer Data Center Solutions & Stories


“A critically important aspect of our business case was finding a partner who not only met our renewable energy requirements but also understood what we were trying to do and could help us to achieve our goals. With Iron Mountain, we found a partner who could do all that — in ways that gave us a competitive advantage.”

- Mike Mattera, Director of Sustainability

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CBS Interactive

"From a network perspective, Iron Mountain is a carrier-neutral facility. This allows us the flexibility to improve our overall spend and service by expanding our carrier choices. This flexibility has made a pretty dramatic impact to our total infrastructure costs."

- Stephen Comstock, Senior Director, IT Operations

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Fender logo

“We looked at a dozen data center providers on the East and West coasts, and none of them could match what Iron Mountain had.”

 - Jason Bredimus, VP of IT Infrastructure

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Meritage Homes

“We were looking for a provider that was focused on providing enterprise-grade data center space, power and network access—Iron Mountain had it all.”

– Chris Filandro, CIO

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Secure Data Center Compliance Across the Globe

Iron Mountain is an industry leader in global data center compliance and trusted by some of the world's most regulated organizations. Our customers receive the same level of service at each of our global data centers, leveraging our comprehensive compliance support to reduce data center risk, including HIPAA, FISMA High, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, SOC2/3, and more.

Data Center Compliance
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