Records & Document Storage

Preserve your important records with highly secure and compliant offsite storage.
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Records & Document Storage

Preserve your important records with highly secure and compliant offsite storage.
  1. Records & Document Storage

Secure offsite document storage

Records and information are the lifeblood of any organization. Safe and secure document storage is critical to compliance and business continuity.

Whether you’re relocating your entire on-premises records center or simply storing a few boxes, our full spectrum of document storage services supports your unique needs and requirements.



To preserve and protect your critical documents, Iron Mountain Records Centers adhere to comprehensive facility requirements for security, fire safety, and environmental controls.


Your information stays secure within our facilities, which are governed by strict, industry-leading chain-of-custody procedures. You’ll have complete visibility and control over your inventory at all times through our proven workflows and technology-enabled tagging.


You’ll be supported by thoroughly vetted and formally trained Iron Mountain employees who ensure the highest standards of security are maintained across all our document storage services.


With the Iron Mountain Connect™ Records Management application, you can easily manage your boxes of records and files that are stored offsite, including metadata, searching, tracking, and processing of service requests.

Services For Your Specific Records Storage Needs


Document Storage

Free up office space by relocating your records to Iron Mountain's secure storage facilities.

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File Room Solutions

Replicate your onsite file room within a secure, offsite storage environment.

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Specialized and Underground Records Storage

Iron Mountain can design and create a customized solution to meet your specific requirements.

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Storage Boxes

Explore records storage box options, supplies, RFID labels, and more.

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Smart Sort

Sort and reorganize your commingled files according to destruction eligibility, record type, record status, unique identifier—or whatever you require.

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Clean Start

Support office changes and navigate today’s changing workplace requirements with Iron Mountain Clean Start.

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Free up office space by relocating your records to Iron Mountain's secure storage facilities

Service Option - Offsite storage
Scheduling - After purchase, a customer experience representative will connect with you to discuss storage boxes and set a date for your service
Timeline - Monthly recurring storage service (Annual Contract)
Typical box sizes - 15x12x10 (1.2 cubic feet)

Starting at $129 per month
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Online Portal

Iron Mountain Connect™ is Iron Mountain’s online customer hub that helps you manage your information. Use this tool to place orders, run activity reports, and access your inventory data—anytime from anywhere.

Features Include:
  • Manage your offsite records storage from anywhere and at anytime
  • Place orders, run activity records, and access your inventory data
  • Set up document shredding services and programs

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Not all records management companies can meet specialized storage needs, such as preserving larger volumes of records or materials that require special environmental controls. Iron Mountain can design and create a customized vault to meet your specifications.

Features include:

  • Climate-controlled storage for materials that require definitive environmental and relative humidity specifications
  • Specialized storage for film, magnetic, and mixed media


“The Underground” is a secure information storage facility that lies 220 feet below ground in a former limestone mine, making it ideally suited to preserve information against extreme temperatures or humidity, natural disasters, and pests.

Features include:

  • Exceptional Security: Armed guards, 24/7 monitoring, and leading-edge technology
  • Environmental Protection: Vaults maintain specified temperature and relative humidity conditions for medium-term and extended-term storage conditions
  • Options for Private or Shared Vaults
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Gain quick access to your inventory and improve governance with RFID technology.

Evolving your records and information management program to an information governance structure requires you to proactively take steps towards improvement in your overall process. Enhancing your program to include automation and technology, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), allows you to streamline governance of your information. You’ll be able to audit your inventory to prove the soundness of your program to customers, internal and external auditors, and stakeholders.

Explore Records Storage Supplies

Iron Mountain Smart Sort For REcords Management

Keeping records longer than necessary invites unnecessary risk and expense. Not only must your organization contend with storage and records management costs, but regulatory penalties and reputation damage stemming from information loss and/or compliance violations can run into the millions.

With Iron Mountain Smart Sort, you can destroy paper records as they meet retention requirements and enable a more compliant and efficient records management program.

  • Easily Identify Destruction Eligibility
  • Enable Box-level Destruction
  • Reduce Program Costs & Risks
  • Improve Find Rates

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