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Do you really need daily, physical access to 100% of the documents you store onsite? It’s likely that you don’t. By incoroporating digital scanning practices to your document and information management process you can share important information easily and quickly across your organization.

With document scanning services you can move more of your physical documents and files offsite and request digital scans of those you need or use frequently. The rest of your information is securely stored and you can access or scan it on an as-needed basis.

You’ll be able to…

  • free up office space.
  • maintain access to documents you need and securely store the ones you don’t
  • reduce reliance on paper
  • increase efficiency

A sound document and information management process includes three important actions: storing, shredding and scanning. An Information Management Advisor will work with you to decide what to scan, what to store and what you can ultimately destroy. Manage your records and information – in any format – from creation to destruction using a customized combination of these services.

Iron Mountain will create a unique solution that work best for your business.

Right-Size Scanning

Scan what you need, when you need it

Businesses run on information and a lot of that information is still on paper. Only 25% of organizations say they operate with clear desks in a mostly paper-free office1. Paper is still a crucial byproduct of business and the rules that dictate how long it’s kept are only getting more complex.

Having digital access to all your information sounds like the perfect fix. However, large-scale scanning projects are a big investment. You would be paying to convert those boxes and boxes of files to bytes and bytes of data, but that doesn’t mean that documents and information is something you’ll physically keep forever either – you have to find what’s right for your small business.

1AIIM Market Intelligence: Paper-Free: Are we there yet? - 2016


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Scanning - how it works

Going digital isn’t all or nothing. Any step you take to change a formerly manual or paper-based workflow to a digital one makes your business less dependent on paper and more efficient. See how it works:

Iron Mountain® Image on Demand™ is a service that gives you digital access to the files you need when you need them. When you need a document from offsite storage you don’t have to retrieve the entire box. Using Iron Mountain Connect™, an online account management tool, you can request to have digital copies of just the files you need sent to you. This pay-as-you go service minimizes costs by allowing you to image only the paper files that you need.

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Our Customer Support section can help provide you with the quickest answers to your questions, or feel free to contact us at your convenience.