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We strive to catalyze positive change in the communities in which we operate.

At Iron Mountain, our impact extends beyond the walls of our facilities. We contribute positively to the communities in which we operate by leveraging the unique capabilities of our business. We go beyond philanthropy to conduct business in a way that ensures a prosperous future for communities.

Iron Mountain’s robust network of 25,000 employees and 1,450 facilities are actively engaged in our global community. We offer volunteerism, financial grant awards and in-kind service to nonprofits and non-governmental organizations to help make our neighborhoods a better place to work and live. Our philanthropic efforts come to life through two programs: the Living Legacy Initiative, which provides financial grants and in-kind services, and Moving Mountains, our employee volunteer program.

Living Legacy Initiative

The Living Legacy Initiative is Iron Mountain’s charitable commitment to preserve cultural and historical artifacts, and make them accessible to all. Living Legacy grants provide nonprofit agencies, museums and other non-governmental organizations with financial contributions, in-kind services or customized solutions that help advance their missions. Living Legacy’s mission, to unlock the value of the past to help shape the future, has taken shape with 3-D guided tours and educational resources around: The Stonewall Monument, San Sebastian Basilica, The United States Holocaust Museum, and many more.

As we move forward, Living Legacy will continue to evolve by emphasizing the educational value of these historical and cultural sites.

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Living Legacy Initiative - San Sebastian Basilica
Moving Mountains - volunteers picking up trash

Moving Mountains

We support communities through our Moving Mountains volunteer program, which encourages, rewards, and shares employee volunteerism. Iron Mountain provides all eligible employees across the globe with 16 hours of paid time off for service to their communities. With an expanded definition of service and volunteerism, employees can engage in community or civic activities such as voting, poll working, or other non-partisan work.

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By 2040 our business decisions will have a net positive impact on our communities.

By 2025, Iron Mountain employees will contribute a total of 100,000 hours of volunteer time to our communities through our Moving Mountains program.

Through our Living Legacy Initiative we will launch 50 new educational resources that unlock the value of the past and help shape the future and strengthen our communities by 2025.

By 2023 we will adopt and implement a global human rights policy.

By 2022 will create or adopt a process to measure the community impact of our business decisions.

Key Highlights

In 2021, Iron Mountain had a 20% year-over-year increase in spending with diverse suppliers and small businesses.

Through the Living Legacy Initiative, Iron Mountain has deployed more than $3.5 million to nonprofit organizations to preserve and make accessible cultural and historical information and artifacts.

In 2021, Iron Mountain employees volunteered over 10,000 hours through Moving Mountains volunteer program.

In 2021, we created the Community Impact Framework to measure the impact of our business decisions on our global communities.


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