Corporate Responsibility


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Corporate Responsibility


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We strive to be our customers’ most trusted partner.

Iron Mountain provides customers with innovative solutions that bring them closer to achieving their purpose and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspirations. We believe that innovation and integrity pave the path to long-term, sustainable success. We build trusted relationships with stakeholders based on this philosophy. Our approach is underpinned by the conviction that ethics and good governance matter to our financial success. That’s why 96% of Fortune 1000 companies partner with Iron Mountain and entrust us with their data.

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Our Commitment to Our Customers

We dare to do better for our customers. Customer obsession makes us who we are and it’s our greatest source of pride. For nearly 70 years, our team has stood proudly behind our customers and worked to create meaningful value for each of them. Maintaining our customers’ trust is as important and as valuable as the assets we protect.

Customers want integrated solutions from partners who can help them build singular solutions that solve multiple demands of speed, cost savings, and security. This is Iron Mountain’s distinctive position—we leverage deeper insights, help customers achieve greater efficiencies, and reduce compliance risks.

Sustainable Products and Services

Iron Mountain strives to deliver services that enable both our organization and our customers to manage information in a manner that is environmentally conscious and socially responsible. We are driven by close customer collaboration. As a result, our customers can use our services as a force for good—by minimizing the environmental impact of managing information in a meaningful and measurable way.

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Ethics and Compliance

Iron Mountain believes that doing business with integrity is the only way to do business. We are recognized for uncompromising ethical standards and for helping set industry best practices. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct sets forth our policies and standards on a variety of topics such as safety and security, inclusion and diversity, harassment and discrimination, conflicts of interest, bribery and corruption, environment and sustainability, human rights and privacy considerations, among others.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management team identifies and assesses the various risks to our company’s assets around the world. We have a comprehensive risk management framework that is designed to consider four dimensions of risk: degree of impact, likelihood of occurrence, control effectiveness, and risk tolerance. We determine the best mitigation strategy to minimize financial impact through the combination of loss prevention and control. This includes the installation of security systems in buildings, strong firewall management processes for networks, transference to our contractual partners or insurers, and risk assumption and management—such as evaluating what areas are prone to severe weather events and building facilities to withstand the effects.

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Data Privacy

Data Privacy

As a global leader in information management, we are uniquely positioned to be an innovator in safeguarding information and data privacy. We aspire to develop new methodologies that safeguard data privacy, no matter what form the information is in, while continuing our commitment to meeting evolving regulatory, customer, and legal obligations. We know our customers face an ever-growing volume and variety of information, from business records to customer and employee personal data. We are committed to ensuring our suite of services helps customers protect data, supports evolving regulations, and can respond to a breach or cyberattack in a way that minimizes impact to a customer’s brand reputation and business processes.

Supply Chain Responsibility

Our recently-updated Supplier Code of Conduct (which supplements our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct) sets forth the principles, standards and practices required for doing business with Iron Mountain. All suppliers must accept and agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct, which requires compliance with laws governing employment, environmental practices, anti-corruption, antidiscrimination and similar issues. 

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By 2023 we will complete a climate scenario analysis.

By 2022 we will develop or adopt a Brand Trust indicator metric and report our baseline.


Ranked #93 on Newsweek’s 2021 list of America’s Most Responsible Companies

Listed on the 2021 FTSE4Good Index

Serviced approximately 95% of Fortune 1000 companies

SSON Analytics Top Admired Shared Services Organization Award