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Climb Higher™ - Our journey to become our customers’ most trusted partner

We’re a different company from the Iron Mountain that started 70 years ago. For sure, we’ll always remain grounded in the fundamental trust and continued service and storage of our customers’ most precious physical assets; but, increasingly, our customers are embracing Iron Mountain to do even more for them.

This desire for us to do more is a direct result of decades of trust our customers have in us to protect what they value most, and we take great pride in that heritage and our customers' trust. We are now at a moment in our history, where we’re not only providing the lock to protect assets, but also the key to unlock deeper value in the things they store with us.

If the past year of disruption and uncertainty taught us anything, it taught us a lesson in our own resiliency. It taught us that we can continue to deliver our traditional records and information management services with excellence and go beyond to deliver new, innovative solutions that unlock greater access and intelligence in the things our customers entrust us to store for them - all at speed and scale to address their urgent and long-term needs.

Over the last five years, through customer input and intentional investment in solution development, we’ve grown the total addressable market (TAM) we are servicing to over $80 billion. Not only has the addressable market for expanded products and services grown by over 8 times, but these new areas have double digit industry growth rates.

We have an opportunity to serve our customers in their digital transformation and deliver solutions that match the changing landscape of how business works today and tomorrow in a post-pandemic world.

Accelerating Growth through Product and Solution Expansion and Innovation

To achieve our growth, we’re focusing on seven key areas where we can unlock the greatest value for our customers as they digitally transform:

  • Content Service Platform (CSP) -- We offer the only platform on the market with mature AI/ML capabilities that brings physical and digital content together to help solve customer challenges.
  • Secure Offline Storage -- We provide customer storage for data offline and offsite in a climate-controlled vault that is air-gapped for added security against ransom attacks.
  • Secure IT Asset Disposition (SITAD) -- We’ve built on our strong heritage around data security and chain of custody, to handle the process of disposing surplus new and used equipment in a safe and ecologically responsible manner.
  • Fine Arts and Entertainment Services -- Our multi-business line is driving a different level of growth that goes beyond storage, offering more opportunities for studios and artists to preserve, restore and distribute their creations to wide audiences.
  • Small & Medium Businesses -- We assist small and medium businesses with robust information management programs that fit their unique needs at scale, putting our customers in control of their information.
  • Data Centers -- We’re enabling organizations to achieve hybrid IT infrastructure solutions between their use of public clouds as well as private clouds by providing secure and compliant data centers, sustained on 100% renewable energy, across three continents.
  • Consumer Storage -- We’re making consumer access to our storage and logistical expertise even easier with a valet storage model through our joint venture partnership with MakeSpace.

Illustrating Today’s Iron Mountain

If we’ve expanded our solutions and the way we serve our customers, then the way we communicate and present ourselves as a brand must demonstrate our own transformation.

That’s why I’m proud to announce our new brand identity – a new tagline, logo and purpose statement – that reflects our expanded offerings and reaffirms our commitment to customers’ own information management journeys including their digital transformation initiatives.

Our new tagline, CLIMB HIGHER™ tells the story of our journey to become a strategic partner enabling customers to reach new heights by helping them take control of their assets and turn them into actionable insights.

Together, our new logo and tagline illustrate our new purpose: “to be our customers’ most trusted partner for protecting and unlocking value from what matters most in innovative and socially responsible ways.”

Our global customers – more than 225,000 and including 950 of the Fortune 1000 – face extraordinary pressure to extract more insights from their stored assets. And, through our own transformation, we’re identifying and implementing innovative ways to do just this.

Together, we will continue to CLIMB HIGHER™ to grow our business, serve our customers and employees with renewed purpose and clear focus for future success for many years to come.

Kind regards,

Bill Meaney
President and CEO, Iron Mountain