Taking Care of Our Employees

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Taking Care of Our Employees

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At Iron Mountain, we understand that our impact extends beyond the walls of our facilities. We believe in taking care of our employees and contributing positively to the communities in which we operate. In order to carry out that support we leverage the following mechanisms:

Iron Mountain Living Legacy Initiative

Iron Mountain’s corporate philanthropy program. We provide grants and in-kind services to nonprofit organizations focused on cultural and historic preservation and accessibility. This program is funded by Iron Mountain and overseen by Iron Mountain’s Community Engagement Manager. You can learn more here.

Moving Mountains

Iron Mountain’s corporate volunteer program. We encourage all of our employees to volunteer in their communities with charitable organizations focused on causes that matter the most to them. All eligible full and part time employees are provided paid time off to help enable them to give the gift of time to their communities. You can learn more here.

The Iron Mountain Charitable Foundation

The Iron Mountain Charitable Foundation was created by Iron Mountain to provide financial support to Iron Mountain employees and their families as well as communities in crisis.

Richard Reese Employee Relief Fund

A public 501c3 charity focused on helping employees and their families recover and transition from events that are outside of their control. More information about the Fund is below.

John Jamison Education Fund

The John Jamison Iron Mountain Education Fund exists to encourage and recognize scholastic achievement. The fund is available to children of eligible Iron Mountain employees that have completed high school/secondary school and plan to enroll or are enrolled in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited university or vocational-technical school. More information is below.


The following individuals serve on the Board for both the Iron Mountain Charitable Foundation and the Richard Reese Employee Relief Fund.

Neal Goldman, President
Jennifer Grimaudo, Vice President
Deborah Marson, Clerk
Sergio Martin, Treasurer
Charlene Jackson, Board Member
Jamesetta Strickland, Board Member

Supporting Our Mountaineers

The Richard Reese Employee Relief Fund and the John Jamison Education Fund are two ways employees can receive direct financial support. Click below to learn more about each fund.

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Richard Reese Employee Relief Fund

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John Jamison Scholarship Fund